This page, and it’s subpages, gives you information about the hardware side for this project. Besides the BrickServer, the Bricks itself are one half of the main purpose of this project. I’m doing the design (schematics, routing, …) by myself, currently using Eagle for this. The boards are than manufactured off-site, JLCPCB is currently my preferred vendor. And finally I’m doing assembly myself again, using self-printed stencils, solder-paste, tweezers, a hot air iron and a lot of patience.

So far I have the following Bricks in a nearly completed, fully functional, state:

  • NAHS-TempBrick v1.0 (temperature sensor)
  • NAHS-RHTBrick v1.0 (temperature, humidity sensor)
  • NAHS-LatchBrick v1.0 (digital input sensor)
  • NAHS-SignalBrick v1.0 (digital output actuator)